Our Team


Florence brings over 18 years of experience to her role as a dedicated Contact Lens Practitioner. Her focus is on helping clients achieve optimal functional vision, particularly those with complex needs. A Licensed Refracting Optician (Canada) since 2006, Florence excels in fitting a wide range of contact lenses, including specialty options.

Florence’s passion extends beyond providing the right lenses. She is an instructor at both Stenberg College and Vancouver Community College, empowering clients and future eyecare professionals with the knowledge they need. Her commitment to continuous learning ensures she remains at the forefront of the field, constantly expanding her expertise.

Experienced and Certified:  Florence’s background includes over 10 years of clinical experience fitting contact lenses for an ophthalmologist. She holds multiple licenses and certifications, including Refracting Optician, Contact Lens Fitter (COBC), National Contact Lens Examiner – Advanced Certification (US), and was also a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant.

Dedication and Expertise:  Florence is known for her energy, motivation, and dedication to patient care. She is highly skilled in fitting even the most challenging lenses and has earned the respect and appreciation of her colleagues for her attention to detail, innovative ideas, and genuine empathy for patients.


Danielle is a Licensed Refracting Optician and Contact Lens Fitter with over 12 years of experience, bringing her expertise to CLA since her graduation in 2012. Her passion lies in helping clients achieve their optimal vision, and she thrives on troubleshooting challenges to find the perfect solution for each individual’s visual needs.

Danielle’s dedication extends beyond patient care. She actively shares her knowledge as an instructor at both Stenberg College and Vancouver Community College, helping future eyecare professionals embark on their journeys. Through her combined experience in practice and education, Danielle is a valuable asset to both patients and our practice.