No matter what you eat, how much you exercise, or whatever else you do to be healthy and keep looking young, your eyes are changing as you age.

Aging causes your eyes to lose their ability to adjust between near and far objects. The lens within your eye is less able to change its shape in order to focus on items up close.

This is known as presbyopia and it is an inevitable result of aging . . . but now, at least you can keep it to yourself.

Multifocal Lenses work by enabling your eye to view near objects through special areas on the lens surface. The lens translates naturally with the movement of your eye just like you would in a pair of mutifocal glasses.

Success is important. Although, Multifocals have a high success rate in correcting presbyopia, there are some patients for whom multifocal lenses are not the answer. Ultimately, your contact lens fitter will know what is best for you. Please see our specialty lens page for more information on multifocal lenses.