Cleaning System Recommended for Your Soft or Hybrid Contact Lenses

Hydrogen Peroxide Systems


These are 1 step cleaning systems that utilizes a daily cleaner with a disinfectant of 3% hydrogen peroxide to clean and disinfect contact lenses. Though more involved than most contact lens care regimes, those who find themselves sensitive to the chemicals in multipurpose solutions, or are prone to dry eyes, will find these systems give the greatest ocular comfort. This is due to the fact that hydrogen peroxide, in which the lenses are placed, is broken down into non-preserved saline during the neutralization process.

Hydrogen peroxide systems have the advantage of being able to penetrate the lens matrix as it disinfects while removing surface deposits.

For best practice, disinfect and neutralize your lenses with the one of the Hydrogen peroxide systems by carefully following the steps below:

  1. Always remember to wash your hands with warm soapy water (use Dawn) prior to removing or inserting your lenses.
  2. Fill the lens case to the line with the solution, keeping the lid of the lens holder out of the solution.
  3.  Clean and hydrate the lens with sterile saline then place it in the cleaning case.
  4. The best method of cleaning is to place your lens on the ball of your index finger then lubricate the lens with sterile saline and with your thumbs gently rub from the centre to the edge, making sure that you clean the entire surface. Now turn the lens inside out and repeat.
  5. It takes 6 hours for the hydrogen peroxide to completely neutralize into saline solution in room temperature. Cooler temperature, <15 degree Celsius, slows down chemical reactions needed to neutralize the hydrogen peroxide! (eg. Placing the contact lens container on the window sill in cold weather would take over 10hours for the Clear Care to neutralize.)
  6. Never reuse the solution and repeat step 2 if lenses are not worn within 48 hours of disinfection.
  7. After the indicated amount of time, the contact lenses are safe to be inserted.  If desired, you may rinse the lenses with sterile saline, but it is not necessary.
  8. For long term storage of lenses, consult your Contact Lens Fitter.

When using the Hydrogen Peroxide System, there are two situations that can cause discomfort to the contact lens wearer upon inserting his / her lenses: Failure of the platinum disc to fully neutralize the peroxide and improper hydration of the lens before disinfection.

  1. The neutralization of the hydrogen peroxide is caused by a catalytic reaction with the platinum disc. Each disc is designed to be effective for the life of two bottles of disinfectant. A special lens case is supplied with each purchase of a large bottle of Clear Care Disinfectant. A case used beyond its useful life span may not be able to fully neutralize the peroxide causing the lens to sting or cause pain upon insertion. When the disc is neutralizing properly, there will be lots of little bubbles left in the saline.
  2. When removing the lenses from your eyes and they appear dry, be sure you hydrate them in a puddle of saline solution before cleaning them or the lenses may tear.
  3. The end result of the Hydrogen Peroxide System during the neutralization process is a breakdown to an unpreserved saline. Therefore, the lenses must be disinfected every 48 hours worn or not.
    Without the preserving chemicals of the multipurpose solution, it is possible for the growth of fungus and / or bacteria to begin in the solution or on the lenses. This solution should only be used by the more compliant patient.
  • Consider storing your lenses in a multipurpose solution.

Safety Tips:

  • Do not rinse lenses with Clear Care Plus before inserting lenses!
  • Do not remove lenses from the case before the indicated soaking time is completed.
  • Do not invert or shake case!
  • For Hybrid & RGP lenses, please remove the lens with a DMV (plunger) if it is on the dome part of the case.

Multipurpose Solution Systems



Stay with one brand of solution and to only change a type of solution when you replace your lenses at the end of their cycle, weekly, monthly or quarterly.  If you need to change the solution but it is not time to start a new lens, please talk to us..

Always rub your lenses with multipurpose solutions upon removal. (Yes, even the ones that says No Rub!)

Use Dawn dishwashing liquid for cleaning your hands before insertion or removal of their lenses. Most pump soaps contain oils that will make contact lens wearing more difficult.

All multipurpose solutions follow the same basic cleaning procedures:

  1. Wash hands (use Dawn liquid Dishwashing detergent) and remove lens from eye (always work right to left to avoid mixing lenses).
  2. The best method of cleaning is to place your lens on the ball of your index finger then lubricate the lens with cleaner and with your thumbs gently rub from the centre to the edge, making sure that you clean the entire surface, keep the lens hydrated with multipurpose cleaner storage solution. Now turn the lens inside out and repeat.
  3. Rinse lens between thumb and forefinger under a stream of solution.
  4. Put a small amount of solution in lens well, add lens and fill case halfway so lens is submerged in solution. Close case tightly.
  5. Lenses should be left in the solution from 6 to 10 hours or overnight, according to the product directions.

Once per week, please scrub your lens case and its lids with lint free tissues to remove any accumulated biofilm and rinse them with the corresponding solution.

Several multipurpose solutions also include the optional step of using a specially formulated extra daily cleaner for additional cleaning support for your lenses.

As with the cleaning of anything, you will always get more “debris” off if you use some form of friction. Just as a washing machine agitates clothes, the rubbing action in the cleaning process lifts off deposits that may be somewhat stuck on the lens surfaces. Daily removal of these deposits will maintain the comfort, clarity and fit of any lens.

This solution is added when regular cleaning is not sufficient.  This product is used with all hybrid and custom soft contact lenses.

  • 8Thoroughly wet the contact lens with sterile saline or multipurpose solutions, and then apply 1-2 drops of cleaner to the lens.
  • Place lens on the ball of your index finger and with your thumbs gently rub from the centre to the edge, making sure that you clean the entire surface.
  • Rinse thoroughly with sterile saline or multipurpose solutions.

Safety Tips:

  • Do not use Lens Fresh in the eye!
  • Do not soak any lens in Lens Fresh!

Thecleaner-004The Cleaner Accessory pad

    • A fabric/foam laminated cleaning pad for rubbing or scrubbing lenses in place of your hand and fingers.
    • Wet the pad with multipurpose solution, then add 1 drop of Lens Fresh cleaner to the pad.
    • Place lens on index finger tip and gently rub lens on the pad for 20 seconds.
    • Rinse lens with solution to remove debris before turning lens over to clean the other side.
    • Rinse lens again with solution and store your lens in the recommended lens care system.
    • Please rinse the pad thoroughly after every use and allow it to air dry.

    Replace pad every 3 months.