RGP Contact Lenses

RGP lenses are made of durable and breathable plastic that are resistant to deposits.

They are smaller compared to other contact lenses, ranging from 7.0-12.0mm in diameter.

The life span of a RGP lens is 3- 5 years with proper care by the patient and regular cleaning and polishing by a Contact Lens Fitter.

RGP lenses float on a tear film on the cornea, creating a smooth refractive surface to mask corneal astigmatism and corneal irregularities. They, therefore, give crisper vision then typical soft contact lens.

RGP lenses correct myopia (near sightedness), hyperopia (far sightedness), astigmatism, and presbyopia.


Wash your hands before handling the contact lens.

Setup an area with mirror and a lint free towel.

Place the lens on the tip of your finger; thoroughly inspect the lens to make sure the lens edge is not damaged or chipped, and that it is free from debris.

Place the lens on the index finger and pull down the lower lid with the ring finger of the same hand.

Pull up on the upper lid by gently grabbing lid at the lash line. Hold the lid and concentrate on not blinking.

Look at the mirror and gently place the lens directly onto the cornea.

The lens should easily come off your finger as you approach the cornea with the lens!

You can also visit this link to watch a video on insertion and removal.


Setup an area with mirror and a lint free towel to catch the lens.

There are quite a few ways to remove your RGP:

Blink Method

  • Open eye very wide, so neither lids are touching the RGP
  • Pull outer corner of your eyelids towards the temple
  • With a hard blink, the lens should just pop out.
Scissors Method

  • Hold the upper lid by the index finger and the lower lid by the middle finger..
  • Apply lateral traction to the lids
  • Squeeze the lens off by a scissors motion.
DMV (Plunger)

  • It is a little rubber tool with a suction cup at one end.
  • Wet the tip of the DMV with a drop of conditioning solution.
  • Look straight at the plunger as you bring it closer to the lens.
  • Gentle pressure will make the lens adhere to the cup, then take the contact lens from your eye.
  • Recommended replacement schedule for RGP lenses is every 3-5 years with Clean & Polish by a contact lens fitter annually.
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery when ordering your replacement lenses.