Frequently Asked Questions

The contact lens solutions that I use had No Rub on the box before. Do I still have to rub the lenses?

Yes! Regardless of the brand of solutions you use, please rub your lenses on both sides with either a multipurpose solution or a sterile saline then rinse thoroughly before storing your contact lenses in the recommended solutions.

**Please do not store contact lenses in sterile saline for more than 2 hours.

Should I swim with my contact lenses?

Please do not wear you contact lenses to swim or to soak in the hot tub. Exception: Jet ski, water ski, or any water activities where you are required to have corrective lenses in place as stated on your driver’s license.


How could I tell if my soft contact lens is inside out?

Place the lens on tip of finger with the concave side up. Making sure the contact lens forms a perfect bowl shape.

Alternatively, there is the Taco Test: Place the lens on the crease of your palm and fold the lens by gently flexing your hand. If the lens edge tends to fold together like a soft taco, the lens is on its correct side. If the lens edge is showing resistant to fold together, it is inside out.

Why shouldn’t I use generic (store brand) contact lens solutions?

Generic solutions tend to change their formulations and compositions from time to time. Without knowing its formulations, it is difficult to tell if the solutions is suitable for your contact lenses.

If I do not wear my contact lenses every day, which type of solutions should I store them in?

If you have to leave the lenses in the case for more than 48 hours, please store them in multipurpose solutions. Peroxide systems are great for cleaning your lenses, but once the solutions are neutralized, they do not have any preservatives to keep the lens sterile.

Can I use lubricating eye drops with contact lenses?

Please make sure the eye drop you use is compatible with contact lenses. To see our recommendations, click HERE.

Please use only 1 brand of eye drops with your lenses. If you want to change to a different brand, wait until you start a new pair of lenses.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or book an appointment with one of our Opticians.