NovaKone Contact Lenses

NovaKone has a central base curve designed for optical alignment over the steep central cornea.

Variable lens center thickness (IT Factor) to help neutralize irregular astigmatism.

Dual Elliptical Stabilization.

Cylinder powers to -10.00D to help address residual astigmatism.

An independent para-central fitting curve to help lens movement and physical fit.

NovaKone soft lenses for keratoconus are indicated for visual correction for patients with keratoconus.

NovaKone is well-suited for cases where corneal GPs or hybrids have not been tolerated or are otherwise contraindicated.

NovaKone offers soft lens comfort and another lens option in your armamentarium.


NovaKone lenses are inserted like soft lenses.  There is no need to put solution in the bowl of the lens or use any special tools.

Balance the contact lens on 1 or 2 fingers.

Pull up on your upper eyelid with one hand and pull down on your lower lid with the ring finger of the hand holding the lens. Gently place the lens directly onto the cornea.

Two-Finger Method:

Place the lens between your index and middle fingers and gently place the lens directly onto the cornea.




Pull up your upper eyelid with one hand and pull down you lower lid with the ring finger on the other hand.  With dry fingers, pinch bottom of the soft skirt at the 5 & 7 o’clock position while keeping the pads of your fingers together. Like picking up lint off your clothes.

Alternative Method: With your index finger on the top lid and middle finger of your other hand on the bottom lid, gently apply lid pressure to lift up the lens, just like removing a rigid gas permeable lens.

Recommended replacement schedule for NovaKone lenses is every quarterly.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery when ordering your replacement lenses. For this reason it is recommended to always have a backup pair of lenses on hand in case of loss or damage.